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DBA Performance Engineer

This position requires the best and brightest to solve complex problems of scaling infrastructure for a global quantitative fund. The successful candidate will be accountable for the thorough technical analysis, design and implementation of infrastructure solutions to meet the technical and business requirements. The role will require an individual with a great deal of curiosity, ability to challenge standard methodologies, think on their feet and solve tough problems technical or otherwise like a true engineer.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Design and implement massively scalable, highly-performance, cutting-edge infrastructure for a compute grid
  • Relentless automation: Build and maintain compute, advanced storage and network fabrics
  • Develop and implement software tools and methods to automate and manage large distributed systems
  • Identify and pilot critical emerging infrastructure technology to enhance the business competitive advantages.
  • Exercise thought leadership and innovation in the resolution of current technical/infrastructural challenges, as well as in the creation of long-term technical roadmaps.
  • Define, challenge and support Infrastructure standards and decisions
  • Collaborate with other technology groups to provide technical, operational and innovative expertise.
  • Serve as support for production issues. Feed such problems back into platform design

Qualifications/Skills Required

  • A passion for technology and automation, deep sense of curiosity and willingness to always question
  • Be an analytical thinker with exceptional problem solving abilities
  • Minimum of 5 years of focused experience in a devops / production engineering / systems engineering role
  • Familiarity with row/column oriented DBs (examples: Vertica, SQL, nosql systems, kdb)
  • Query optimization
  • Data normalization
  • Optimization of table structures
  • Familiarity with distributed DBs (tradeoffs, guarantees etc)
  • A passion for in-depth understanding of technology, and building large-scale systems.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist